Blood Orange Galette


This galette was delicious. And it almost didn’t happen. A few weeks ago I was in Denver on a work trip, my parents live just outside Denver and whenever I head that way I usually extend the trip and visit them for a couple of days.  They were having some friends over for dinner the night after I got in, so I offered to make  dessert. Sadly, the flu hit my parents house about the same time I did and our dinner party never happened, citrus sat in the produce drawer unused, the roast got put in the freezer, unroasted. I couldn’t stop thinking about this galette though (cardamon crème anglaise!), so later in the week when everyone was feeling better I whipped it up. I’ve been meaning to post  it since…but the flu came back with me to L.A., and I’ve been feeling like crap since. So, not much chatter, but I suggest you make this asap.

Black cats, man.

Titan, one of two cats that live with my parents, helps clean up after I made the pastry dough.

I used this recipe, including the pastry recipe (without the egg). The local grocery store didn’t have clementines so I used oranges and sprinkled a bit of extra sugar on them.

This is a super easy galette to put together, really, you slice a few oranges, zest a lemon,toss them with some sugar. Done. You’re left with a super colorful, bright, delicious dessert.


I made the cardamom crème anglaise while the galette was in the oven.


It’s hard not to eat it all by itself, but if you can manage, save some for the galette, it will be worth it.


And done. It did start as a rectangle…this is halfway through the family devouring it. Definitely will make this whenever citrus is in season.

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